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Liquidlogic is the fastest growing supplier of software for Local Authority social care services in England. Liquidlogic’s software is built on a modern platform which is flexible, intuitive and secure. Practitioner involvement is key to the success of the software and social worker input is regularly sought from both Liquidlogic in house social workers and customers.

Liquidlogic can help to support joined up working, particularly with health; achieving a first in passing the finish line as an accredited provider of CP-IS in a live setting as well as taking the NHS Adapter live in the London Borough of Islington, enabling electronic patient discharge between a hospital setting and social care team. In partnership with our parent company, System C, residents in areas such as Cheshire and Bolton are now experiencing new levels of joined-up care between health and social care, with health professionals able to view data from social care professionals and vice versa.

The team is passionate about providing systems which are easy to use and free up practitioner time to support the people who need them. One example of where this has been particularly successful is in the development of the Liquidlogic Mobile App, which is very popular with social workers.

Liquidlogic is well placed to support customers in joining up social care, health and now education with its EYES product (Early Years and Education). Feedback suggests that many Liquidlogic EYES customers are drawn to the benefits of seamless integration of an education and case management solution, - and early adoption of EYES has been remarkable.

For further details and to see the products in action, visit us on stand E20.

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Tessa Squires


Working in partnership: Hertfordshire County Council & Liquidlogic

Speaking to the team at Hertfordshire about facilitating children's social care innovations.

Behind the scenes at Liquidlogic

Behind the scenes at Liquidlogic