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Shared Lives Plus is the UK network for Shared Lives carers, Shared Lives schemes and Homeshare schemes. With over 5,500 Members UK-wide, we have a unique overview and voice which we use to support schemes and Shared Lives carers through policy, guidance, advice and legal support. We also work to diversify and establish new Shared Lives and Homeshare schemes.

When Steve had a serious stroke and two minor heart attacks, he couldn’t run his B&B anymore. “I never dreamt of being so independent again. I couldn’t walk down the drive. My Shared Lives carers helped me gain strength and confidence, walking a little bit further each time.” Shared Lives Plus is a network of companions, supporters, doers, and excellent brew-makers. 150 local schemes match them with young people and adults who need somewhere to live. Someone to support them through tough times and enjoy life together. We are the UK network for Shared Lives carers, Shared Lives schemes and Homeshare schemes. www.sharedlivesplus.org.uk

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Phoebe Rowell +44 0151 227 3499


  • Shared Lives in England annual report 2016-17 (4.3 MiB)

    The data in this report, and the analysis we've drawn from it shows us that Shared Lives is holding its own in the face of some serious challenges in the wider social care sector. In many places Shared Lives is going strong, growing, and supporting more people with different types of needs to live well. The report also shows, however, that in some areas Shared Lives has diminished due to the significant pressures in the adult social care landscape. Above all, the document serves as a timely reminder of the vital importance of growing Shared Lives in the project to create a more human, person-centred and sustainable health and social care system.

  • Homeshare UK 2018 (1.42 MiB)

    Our annual Homeshare UK report is a comprehensive analysis of the national Homeshare sector, laying out the key success, challenges and priorities for its growth. It reflects on the remarkable growth in public awareness of the Homeshare model after high profile media appearances and a video of Florence and Alexandra on BBC politics that has been viewed 25 million times. Important successes: The number of matches has increased 42% since last year The average length of a Homeshare match has increased from 12-14 months Six schemes are now financially self-sustaining Evidence shows that Homeshare can simultaneously tackle loneliness at all ages, low-level support needs in older people, and the lack of affordable housing Challenges: Homeshare is still only available to ‘self-funders’ Large parts of the UK and Ireland are not well served by Homeshare There is still a lack of formalised referral pathways from health and social care professionals to Homeshare providers Despite huge increase in public awareness, Homeshare is still relatively unknown amongst key potential supporters including; health and social care professionals and local authority front line staff. The report calls for local areas to become ‘Homeshare friendly,’ and for national and local leadership to make Homeshare affordable for people on low incomes. We are also asking for Homeshare to be scaled up and developed in places where there is currently limited access to the scheme, particularly Northern Ireland, Scotland, Wales and the North East and South East of England.


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My choice, our life: Shared Lives supporting people with mental ill health - two minute version

Shared Lives supports people with mental ill health to live significantly better lives, with stronger emotional well being, reduced medication and greater connection to their local community.

To find out more visit www.sharedlivesplus.org.uk, or get in touch info@sharedlivesplus.org.uk or 0151 227 3499, we would love to hear from you.

Housemates with the 68 year age gap - Florence and Alexandra on BBC Politics, Novus HomeShare

Homeshare schemes matches an older person who needs companionship with a younger person who needs somewhere affordable to live. Over 25 million people have watched this film, there are over 20 schemes, mostly in cities, and over 400 people taking part in Homeshare. Find out how it could work in your area, with a small set up investment: www.homeshareuk.org.uk