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Resettlement Passport

Looking for ways to support people affected by housing issues? The Resettlement Passport is a tenancy skills course designed to improve the skills and confidence of vulnerable people, preparing for a tenancy or facing housing issues. It is now being used by over 30 organisations nationally including Leaving care teams, Local Authorities, homelessness, mental health and substance misuse services.

After completing the course: - 88% of people feel more confident managing a tenancy - 46% of people felt more confident about accessing help with debts and money - 44% of people felt more confident about paying council tax

The Resettlement Passport is available as an offline course - with booklets and worksheets - or an online course. Please visit our website - www.resettlementpassport.org.uk to find out who is using the course and read testimonials from people who have completed the course.

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Resettlement Passport

An introduction to the Resettlement Passport

Kayleigh's story

Meet Kayleigh - here's her experience of completing the Resettlement Passport.